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Where the Greigs Settled: Tracking their Emigration PDF Print E-mail
Written by David Greig   
Monday, 11 August 2008 22:13
Where do Greig Families Live Today?

Today, the Greig surname is found throughout the world with the highest number of Greigs per capita found in New Zealand.

Greigs Around the World


New Zealand 256.06
Australia 184.71
United Kingdom 127.53
Canada 26.13
United States 11.94
Ireland 3.77
Denmark 3.25
Norway 2.83
Argentina 2.74
Switzerland 1.28

Source: worldnames.publicprofiler.org


Greigs in Scotland & the UK During the 1800's

Ancestry.com has excellent resources for tracking the emigration of Greig families from Scotland including family locations, occupations, places of origin, and ports of departure.  The earliest year Ancestry.com has graphical data for the locations of Greig families across Scotland is 1841.

For the year 1891, Ancestry.com has graphical data for Scotland and the rest of the UK.  Note the concentration of Greigs around London as families moved to the cities for work.


Greig Emigration to the United States

US Census Records have been used by Ancestry.com to graph the immigration of Greig families across the United States from 1840 through 1920.  Note the westward expansion coinciding with the opening of the western territories and the formation of the western states.

Source: ancestry.com


Greig Emigration to Canada

Similarly, the immigration of Greigs to and across Canada can be shown from 1851 through 1916.

Source: ancestry.ca


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Did You Know ...

Cape Greig in Alaska was named after the Russian admiral Alexey Greig. The highest point of the cape features a navigational lighthouse operated by the United States Coast Guard.


If you're a Greig, where do you live?